Month: January 2014

Do we need “war” and what would it change !? (Short comment)

Hello to all of you again.

This night i decided to watch a movie. Yes, that’s right, a movie night. I decided to watch the “Lone Survivor”. Well i would say, pretty much a good movie. Touching movie. Emotional movie. I thought that is going to be one of those stupid, stereotyped cliches that come out lately. However it wasn’t exactly like that. Not at all. While i was watching it, several different feelings were crossing my body and brain. I was so into the movie, that it kept me focused merely throughout the whole time.
While i was watching it i was so shocked. Then i started thinking about the wars that are being led nowadays. Is there really any point of doing that? I would stop and think… and the first answer that comes up in my head is – NO. Probably that is my opinion. I do not see any point of making wars at any place around the world. Soldiers that die in the wars … well so not needed, so cruel and nobody gives a fucking s*it [:)]. What are they for, for money ? for petrol ? for showing off that one is more powerful than another? Well i would say that noone of the above is relevant and should serve as no excuse for those who dare to make wars. It wouldn’t change nothing except leading to more and more victims and lost lives. We are in 21 century for God sake. So i think that we should behave as such. We could change so many things if we weren’t so greedy about everything. About money, about happiness, about “to be more than the others” and so on. So stop for a second and, please, think about it.


Seven interesting facts about me

Today i am going to make a quick introduction by letting you acquire a more clear view about my personality.

In this post i am going to tell you 7 interesting facts about me. In that sense let’s stop messing around and get straight to the point.

1. I am 180 centimetres tall – yeah perhaps i wasn’t that lucky to have the chance growing a little bit taller, but anyway i would say that it is a decent seize of myself.
2. I do not like to repeat people what i have said – sounds stranger isn’t it ? Yeah even for me, however the truth is that and i would like you to know it. Well i am not going to kill you if you ask me something, take it from the funny side, probably i am joking about some of the facts (haha) : )
3. I always wear beard – Yeah – no shaving at all ! Only trim it from time to time to get it into a good-looking shape. To be honest i haven’t shaved my beard for more than 2 years (wow even now when i am writing it, i am quite amazed by myself about the time span).
4. Have dozens of shoes – I do not know how it sounds to you, but i really have a significant number of shoes – well not going to say the exact number i have but let’s more than 10 pairs. I Really love to pay attention to my belongings.
5 .Like to care for my belongings – I really do. My clothes, my shoes as mentioned above – all of them take good care by me. As long as you serve your things, they will serve you as well !!
6. Like to be liked and do not care if not – Yeah i like to be liked by people. I also like people who like me, but among all the people living on this earth, there are people who will not like you.
7.LAZINESS – Wondering why i wrote it in capital laters, probably ? ¬†Well (haha), yeah that is one of my main issues. I really love to waste my time by laying on the bed, surfing in internet or in some other social network. Well probably the majority of people have this problem as well as i am having it, but who cares if you are hard-working person if you put yourself under pressure in important situations then that’s it – take your laziness time. But, hey, do not take too much of it, it becomes a habbit after a while (do not ask me how i know it haha), so control it! : ))

Yeah here are 7 interesting facts about me. I don’t know why i chose exactly that number of 7, i bet there are at least a few more, but i think that is enough. All of you have a nice week.