Reinventing Yourself

I have always had the strange gut feeling that your life is only whatever you get to create out of it. That it is given to you. And once it’s been given to you, it becomes your responsibility, in every way possible. You have to live with this responsibility regardless of whether you realize it or not. This is the choices you make and if you make shitty choices, you will have a shitty result, respectively, if you make less shitty choices, you will live less shitty life. Yeah, basically, I just called life a shit, but it is beautiful.

As much as I can recall my childhood, it pretty much went like this “I am one, you are two” Sometimes it was like this “Punch him in the face. Yeah, that’s right, kick him, kick him, stronger.” And if I wanted to stay there, a lot of punches in the face were waiting for me. So I stayed.

What I like about life is that it is a series of concepts that you get to try for yourself and see which one works and which doesn’t, and your concept is slightly different than mine. How you choose to live this concept is completely up to you. Will you follow somebody else in their support? Will you swiftly decide to connect with your own life and stand up for yourself, do your own thing? Will you let yourself fall into foreign frameworks, living up to foreign arbitrary beliefs, and ideas? Sometimes we are buried under a massive pile of rubble that makes us unable to see clearly where we are going.

Throughout my life, there were many times, major and minor, where I was in a desperate need for reinventing my subtle inside parts. And many times, as much as I want to say that I received help for it, I didn’t. I did it on myself mostly. This is what reinvention is all about. It’s about slapping yourself in the face with your own hand while staring yourself in the bathroom mirror and then rinsing your eyes with tap water. Maybe you are wondering now, yes, I have had done it a couple of times. And It’s a whole different bag of Burritos under the hood. It requires a decent amount of willpower and knowing where to channel this willpower so it can work to your advantage, instead of working against you.

At first glance, this might seem quite easy for you, the hungry forward thinking fellah, but it requires a great deal of effort to manage certain aspects of your life and it will be an ongoing effort demanding sustained action. But that’s the price tag we have signed up for in our life contracts prior to being born, and we have to use our attention and time wisely for our gentle self-improvement, be it personal, interpersonal, or for some whatever else personal basic level of shit. In fact, it all starts with putting the piece of self-awareness puzzle together, bit by bit, to enable us catch a glimpse of our own power and use it to consciously reinvent, to improve, alter or tweak the outer parts of our inner-selves so they match up the core that makes us up.

The process of reinventing never ends, well, it ends up once you are dead, but I don’t think we are there yet, right? The gear box of conscious reinvention is simple in structure but rich in possibilities. It includes only fast and slow gears and is concerned with all aspects of our lives to correct the course of our sails and keep us on track, in our personal or professional lives, in our relationships and our partnerships.

Reinventing is a mere acceptance of doing something even if you don’t now what you are doing like I don’t know what I am writing right now. It is the knowing that in an ever changing, wiggly world, you can never be a hundred percent sure. Because it will change.

Aristotle once wrote, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Aristotle has been right. Questioning ourselves and doubting our own thoughts and beliefs is one of the hardest skills to develop. However, it is an inevitable and important part of our lives that rather sets us free of our insecurities, avoidances, and delusions. It makes us do something with our lives, and reinvent a better tomorrow for ourselves and those around us, not just sit there, watching the relentless soul that once rouse within us, falling down, burning, and getting eaten up by nothing.

So, after all, what the hell I will be talking about on this blog? I don’t know, because if I knew, i probably wouldn’t be here writing this nonsense.


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