Frustrated by trivialities

Climbing up the stairs at 12:30am, opening the door and enter, finally I am in my apartment. Exhausted from my thoughts, I undress as quickly as possible, throw the jacket onto the hanger and go to the bathroom in a fast pace, to wash myself from the dirtiness. My mental state is overloaded and I feel explosion is overdue, almost want to hit the guy I see in the mirror, while rinsing my eyes with the hope it will all go away as quickly as possible.

I can’t stand that, haven’t you experienced that as well? Now, I feel so overwhelmed in my life that I just want to throw every fucking single thing around me in the trash can and then throw the trash can into the trash bin, and then throw the trash bin into, well, god knows where. Even he doesn’t know, actually.

Being concerned and frustrated by so many trivial things bugs my life to death. One moment, I am reading about some douchebag telling how important and scientifically backed up meditation is for your well-being, mentally and physically, the next moment, I see some self-help junkie – into which category I am also falling, ironically – cursing on meditation and coming up with all kinds of bizzare theories about how meditation makes prone to getting possessed by evils from some parallel universe.

Then I read other information, and EVERYONE is constantly contradicting themselves. So much bs and all of this stupid fucks deserve to suck the ballsack of my thirty five year old dog. I just tell you to fuck off cause I don’t give a shit about your damn crap, cocksuckers.


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