Today is peaceful

Today, I feel a lot more peaceful. I feel a sense of serenity and calmness. I think my prefrontal cortex is in charge here. The thing is that I’ve done a good deal of work this day. I managed to start writing an article for my other blog, the one that I try to take off the ground and hopefully make me famous (bullshit.) But I am half done with this article I told you about and that’s important. Tomorrow I will finish it entirely and it is ready to go. But I am not going to publish it here. Here is different. This little-known corner is the secret place on the Internet that I have carved out for myself. And it serves the purpose of a brain-dump for my mind and thoughts. I don’t know, one day it may become a very interesting place for my future me. Or maybe for someone who is stumbling across it for the first time. Someone like you. And he might be shocked by what he’s gonna find.

Or maybe just glad that he found his soulmate. *Sigh


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