First time meeting these guys, they seem quite friendly, maybe a little funny. You would never tell they are studying for lawyers. Still undergraduates, still on their way, maybe that’s why their friendliness and openness is so obviously impressive. Sometimes it’s a whole wonder when such people really like you. Or maybe they don’t really like you.
Maybe their wide, shiny smiles are just another way of covering up what’s underneath the mask. It’s possible that someone has lied to them that “smile is your biggest weapon”, and they might have taken it wholeheartedly, literally. But they don’t look serious, their welcoming attitude reveals their stealth. You can never be so friendly and responsive with a guy you met for the first time. Or maybe you can.

We are heading to the cafe now. So many people around us. Well, not so many, though. Just a few, but look like many. There must be a couple others imaginary psychos living in each, but hasn’t everyone got at least two more identities they switch to back and forth in their heads? Nothing serious. Just trying to find a reason to justify the “many in the few”. Hm. I am dreaming. Something, must not be right. She wants to suck m…

*Waking up; heart hammering; sweatin’, gladly proclaiming, “It was so damn good.”


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