People Annoy Me (And You Too)

People annoy me. Without a reason. Maybe because I see most of them as fake. Unnatural. And boring.

Boring. The word that perfectly describes my recent interactions with people. It’s probably because It’s been more than half a year since I came back from abroad. And I find the environment here suffocating for my soul.

It’s like trying to grow a Tulip among weeds. Or weed among Tulips.

My father entered my room. Offered me peanuts. How nice of him. But has he had to come in right fucking now? When I had just submersed into my work. I turned him down. I don’t feel sorry about that. When I work, I work. Ship it

I like to be thought of as careless and cruel. Not that I like it in the sense of identifying myself with these two empty words. I just don’t mind when they call me I am this or that.

Fuck what they think of me.

Fuck their opinions.

Fuck that.

I know what I am going to do in the next following days and weeks. I am just going to embark on a journey. The usual.

Can’t understand how some people let themselves be confined and live within certain mental limitations and self-imposed restrictions. As like the restrictions from outside aren’t already enough. I don’t even try to understand it. Because I don’t want to.

It limits your fucking understanding and violates your inner-compass. Your natural state of being.

So I don’t want to be among such people. This is not where I belong.

Give me room for abstract thinking, the right music, and a bunch of like-minded people and I can spend the rest of my life like that. Oh, and let’s not forget Internet. Give me Internet. How will I, otherwise, have access to my blog? Do they have Internet on lonely Islands?

I go sit. Rest only when I work. For me writing is a mental fitness. Who else perceive life like that? Maybe there is someone who does. Maybe you. You may consider it from now on.

Sometimes I feel so irritated by the greyness around me that I want to jump on the forums and tell the first guy asking for my thoughts on his answer that it’s stupid.

That’s just to add more colours to my day.

Why people search for so much validation? What the fuck. Are they dumb? Screw getting validation from others, dude. Haven’t you approved of yourself already? Why are you asking us about what we think of you. You are you. So fucking live like you.

A little approval is healthy. And healthy only if not received through asking. That’s the approval you get from the right people.

What if I tell you you suck? You ask me, so now the power is in my hands. I can label you as I want. But you are right. They can always tell you that you suck even if you haven’t asked for anything.

You suck. Your comment on Quora sucks. Your fucking nerdy glasses suck. And your oily Chinese hair sucks. And by the way, did I say that you suck?

There you go. Hope that helps you with the feedback.

Don’t thank me!

What? Did you expect to get a positive answer? I find my answer to be quite positive. If you don’t like it, clean your glasses and try reading it again through a clear perspective.

Alright, I admint that was a bit harsh. But no one will be probably able to get a grasp of the so well hidden sarcasm in the text. ‘cause people are blind. They take things seriously all the time.

I can tell them they just stepped on a shit and blame me for having not warned them about it. Bitch, blame the fucking asshole from which it came out. Not me.


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