About Venny

Hello to all and welcome to my very first blog in my life !


My name is Venny (19 years old and turning 20 in April). I was born in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe), but i’ve made my way to United Kingdom, where i am currently a 1st year student.

Probably some of you are going to wonder why i made this blog and what is it for. However, the truth is that i don’t know what i am going to post and write about neither. The truth is that i’ve decided to start something new to me. Perhaps it will be more personal … or not, but only the time will show. Perhaps it is going to be as it was everyday since i first started my journey by leaving home, uknown, unexcpected and full of great moments! However i believe that you might have heard of it … yeah that latin phrase that strives me forward everyday since “Fortuna audaces iuua”  or said in english – “Fortune favors the brave”. 


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